Tuesday, 16 August 2016

بے بسی

خود شناسی کی آڑ میں
بے بسی کی وہ منزلیں
طے ہوئیں ہیں کچھ اس طرح
زندگی کی حقیقتیں
اک گھڑی میں بدل گئیں
خود کیے تھے جو بت کھڑے
اک ہوا کے جھکولے نے
بے دلی سے اڑا دئیے

۔۔سید احمد رضا

Sunday, 7 August 2016

خاموشی سے سن لو۔

کچھ ان کہی باتیں 
خاموشی سے سن لو
رائے نہ دو
خاموشی سے سن لو
کوئی پیارا لگے تو
اس کے دل کی دھڑکن
خاموشی سے سن لو
بحث ہو جائے کسی سے
تو خود کو بتانا
کہ کم عقل ہو تم
تو بس اگلے کی بات
خاموشی سے سن لو
جائو جب اپنوں کے پاس
اک عرصے کہ بعد
تو گلے شکوے ان کے
خاموشی سے سن لو۔۔۔
(سید احمد رضا)

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Dear step!

Dear step on the ladder to heavens!
You ought not be stepped upon
And touched by the sole of the feet
Sit up on the curve of the lashes
And be the crownly pride of my head
Dear step on the ladder to heavens!
Step on my back and grow as wings
Be trampoline to my baby dreams
And help them jump to the realities divine.

(Syed Ahmad Raza)

Monday, 4 July 2016

Long live...

Long live the conventions of the East!
The murderer of hearts and whatever lies within
The shackles of which are more tormenting
Than the merciless daggers piercing your skin.

Long live the investment of the guardians!
The favour an innocent so helplessly succumbs to
The burden of which is inevitably heavier
Than the remorse of sins at the death bed.

Long live the moments of solitude!
The haven an introvert so desperately longs for
The companionship of whom is breathtakingly warmer
Than the ones you so forcibly call your family.

Long live the corruption in grooming!
The dose a newborn is given like vaccine
The aftermath of which is heinously more grave
Than the mistakenly pills that stopped your heart.

Long live the fire of the rebellion!
The heat of which will stay inside and never menifest
The damage of which is uncomfortably severer
Than a house all burnt and nothing remains rest.

(Syed Ahmad Raza)

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

You're all of it...

That freshness after a sound sleep
And even the sound sleep itself
that transcends after the dint of all day exhaustion
That quenched thirst of a desolated
and the sight of blue while I lay on green
That penny for the broke if it suffices
to keep him on the track of survival
That straw a drowning man catches at
and the spirit a divine scripture revitalizes
That Jin by the rub of a lamp so magical
showing up to fulfill your last ever wish
That incident of utmost importance in life
teaching a stubborn, life long lessons
That hug of a mother when how passionately
greets her soldier son returning alive and safe
That tear rolling down a father's cheek
when he sees his better reflection in his boy
That dream, conceived and lived
by you and only you,
The citrus of my favourite fruit!
You're all of it.

(Syed Ahmad Raza)

Friday, 17 June 2016

What good...

What good is moon if not romanticized
and made pivot to the whirl of insane secrets
Like a confidant that absorbs misery
of the unheard, unfelt, unsung souls.

What good is a child if not understood
to the burning core of his uniqueness
Like a litmus test to spot a gem
and rubbing the dust off a diamond.

What good is a beloved if not set free
from immature shackles of possession
Like a pigeon thrown up in the air 
and knowing inside 'it will fly back'.

(Syed Ahmad Raza)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Cure me

Cure me, my dose of honesty!
Like the compensation of a soberly mistake
Be there for my soul's sake.

Flight of imagination and talk of care
Might lead us, but don't know where...
Let's switch places to see the difference
And then we find, there's none there....

Cure me, my piece of art!
Like resuscitation to the dying heart
Be there till heavens do us apart.

When pen goes dying of thirst
I'll ink my mind of you first
Then rivers of magic shall flow
And the piece of paper will glow

Cure me, my food for thought!
There's no better fuel than you
Be there if miracles are true.